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Re: [APD] Aquatic plant group in Singapore

Loh Kwek Leong has Planted tanks on the forums on his
website, killies.com. Don't know if that's what you're
thinking of. but if not, I'll bet someone on that forum
knows the one your are thinking of.

good hunting,
--- James Purchase <jppurchase at rogers_com> wrote:

> Can someone refresh my memory about the name of the
> aquatic plant 
> group/mailing list in Singapore?

Plant your feet in Washington, D.C. and touch the moon -- at the National Air & Space Museum. 
And learn the art of aquascaping Senske style at AGA2K4. 

Speakers, field trip, Ray "Kingfish" Lucas, and more. . .
The Annual AGA Convention, 2004, November 12-14.

Convention Details/Registration at aquatic-gardeners.org & gwapa.org
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