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Re: [APD] Water Hardness and PH

If your GH is 2, your plants may well have a calcium deficiency, and water changes will not solve the problem unless you're doing them every day or two, because with a GH that low, there's not much calcium in the water. My GH is also low, and I find that by adding CaCO3 and MgSO4 in a 2:1 ratio many plants - vals, crypts, and some hygro especially - do better.



> 3. My plants is showing sign of calcium deficiency.  Does planted
> tanks require regular dosing  of calcium and magnesium salt?  It is
> not a component in PMDD formular.
Regular water changes should provide enough calcium and magnesium salt
from your water supply. If you suspect  calcium deficiency, you can
try adding calcium chloride and epsom salt to your tank.
Alternatively, you can put some coral chip in our filter.
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