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Re: [APD] Water Hardness and PH

> 1. Does GH has a direct relationship with PH?  If so, what kind.
No. GH is the measure of calcium (Ca++) and magnesium ions (Mg++)
dissolved in water.  KH, refers to the concentration of bicarbonate
(HCO3-) and carbonate (CO3--) dissolved in water. Also known as
alkalinity or buffering capacity, it helps stabilize the pH in the
aquarium. Carbonate and bicarbonate ions give water its ability to
resist increases or decreases in pH. Water with very low KH may
experience wide fluctuations in pH because the buffering capacity is
low. A high KH level indicates that the pH will be very stable. High
KH is almost always associated with a high pH

> 2. I have read low GH level will cause instability of PH level, but
> somehow, the PH in my tank remains stable at 6.8 to 7.  Is there any
> particular reason?
You KH is high at 7.5, which explains your stable pH.

> 3. My plants is showing sign of calcium deficiency.  Does planted
> tanks require regular dosing  of calcium and magnesium salt?  It is
> not a component in PMDD formular.
Regular water changes should provide enough calcium and magnesium salt
from your water supply. If you suspect  calcium deficiency, you can
try adding calcium chloride and epsom salt to your tank.
Alternatively, you can put some coral chip in our filter.

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