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[APD] Water Hardness and PH

Hi there

I am a bit confused with my tank's water chemistry.  Need to clarify a
few points.

When CO2 is on, my tank has a GH of 2 dH, KH of 7.5dH, PH of 6.8

My question is

1. Does GH has a direct relationship with PH?  If so, what kind.

2. I have read low GH level will cause instability of PH level, but
somehow, the PH in my tank remains stable at 6.8 to 7.  Is there any
particular reason?

3. My plants is showing sign of calcium deficiency.  Does planted
tanks require regular dosing  of calcium and magnesium salt?  It is
not a component in PMDD formular.

Thanks a bunch

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