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[APD] Re: Pressurized CO2 Equipment

At 12:02 PM 9/11/2004 -0400, Mike Smith wrote:

Hello everyone,
Looking for a bit of advice here. I have decided that in order to reach new heights ( no pun intended ) of plant growth, I must install a pressurized Co2 system. My plan is to go with a 20lb tank to avoid frequent fill ups and because I have the room. From the list, I am hoping to get some input on the types of valves and regulators etc. that have been used successfully. I am not made out of money but I want to buy quality equipment that I can rely on to function properly.

My advice would be: * Be sure you are able to transport a 20lb cylinder- they are big & heavy. 10 lb is a good compromise. Also, the cylinder must be kept vertical when in use-no compromise is possible here.

        * A two gauge regulator with a needle valve and
          bubble counter is what you want. A needle valve
          can be added if you get it from beer brewing
          channels instead of aquarium sources. Some
          way to count bubbles is virtually mandatory.

        * To diffuse the CO2 into the water, most of us
          either inject the CO2 into a canister filter intake,
          or use a homemade or commercial CO2 reactor.
          Search Google on"CO2 reactor", or look
          here for a good commercial reactor:

        * A regulator is probably unnecessary. It is a
          fairly simple matter to adjust your bubble rate
          to ensure a stable pH, which means stable
          CO2 level. Some people really dig knowing
          that their pH never varies by more than a
          tenth point up or down. The cost is about
          $100-150 extra for this knowledge, plus
          occasional calibrations and probe replacement.

        * Some folks turn the CO2 off at night, which
          means you need a solenoid. CO2 is so cheap
          that I have opted to eliminate that one bit
          of complexity.

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