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[APD] AGA Plug

Does everyone have their ticket to DC?  I can't remember everyone from a few years ago, but Ricky, Tom, Luis and I are probably about the only people here to have been around Amano was here before.  

For someone who is pretty much the star of our hobby, you will be amazed at how personable he is.  He genuinely seems to want everyone to be able to have beautiful aquariums and plants.  If you came to Dallas last year, you know how friendly and approachable Kasselman was.   Amano is the same way.  The language barrier is a bit of a problem, but you get around it. 

As far as the other speakers, it is somewhat of a shame that Amano is overshadowing them a bit.  If you are not into Crypts., let me educate you. <grin>  Jan Bastmeijer is the Amano of Crypts.    There are actually people that are pumped about Jan coming and go "Amano who?"   Dorothy Reimer is my AGA buddy.  She is a blast and everyone needs to make sure you meet her.  If you can't find her, she is probably out front of the hotel burning one.  Diana is a bait head, but she's very nice and personable as well.  Most of you have read her book.  

Anyway, I was changing water, answering mail, and all this came to mind.  This is a completely unsolicited plug for the AGA.  Ghazanfar has not promised to aquascape my next AGA entry, and Cheryl didn't promise to not kick my tail next time I see her... not that she could :-)

Hope to see you all there.  You will definitely enjoy it.

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