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[APD] FINAL REMINDER --AGA Aquascaping Contest 2004

=The AGA Aquascaping Contest 2004 deadline for entry submissions is only about five days away on --Wednesday, September 15th.

Please start getting those entries in! Don't know how to enter? Simply register, download five photos of the tank (the one frontal shot is the most important), fill in all your tank information. That's it!

The photo release form and 5$ entry fee (which can be paid by either Paypal or through the mail) can be submitted after the deadline. However, if the photo release form and entry fee aren't submitted by around November 1st, then your entry will be disqualified.

The contest closes September 15th, and winners will be announced simultaneously on this site and live at the AGA Convention in Washington DC the weekend of November 12th.


"Speaking of flexible, there has been such a great turnout from so many countries this year that we've been having a bit of trouble with some being able to pay the entry fees. But I'm happy to announce that thanks to the generous donation of David Lass (and others if this becomes popular), we are now *waiving the entry fee* for anyone entering from a country that PayPal refuses to deal with! That's right, now aquascapers from Malta and Indonesia don't have to find a $5 bill to hide in with their Photo Release. So NO EXCUSES now!"

Good luck to everyone!


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