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[APD] Submerged light.

I was reading up again on the argument of wether the depth of the tank 
influences the ammount of light needed. And now I'm wondering. The 
distance between the bulb and the water surface seems to have a reletavily 
large effect an the ammount of light that actualy reached the bottom of the 
tank. Whould it not make sence to place the tubes them selfs under the 
water surface ? 

If you use CF's or PC's it should be fairly simple process to get a water tight 
seal arround the electrical connections. 

On my own tank has a glass lid that is actualy still part of the main tank so
it whould be very easy to flood the lid and have the tubes submerged. I 
realise that heat from the bulbs might then become a problem.

Does someone have a link to a good  DIY reflector design, idealy with 
comparisons to other reflectors. 

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