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[APD] OT: Live Fish Chat Event -- Please Attend

I am sorry for this intrusion on your day, but I do want to let everyone know of this small event.

Greg Morin, president and CEO of Seachem, has agreed to be the guest speaker for my series of live IRC chats for aquatic enthusiasts.

The date:  September 17th.
The time:  8:00 PM EST -0500 GMT
The place: http://www2.2cah.com/irc/fishchat.php

If you have a dedicated IRC client:

  Server: irc.2cah.com
  Port: 6667
  Channel: #fishchat

I'm ramping up the servers and putting things in place for what I expect to be a great turn out for this event.

Hope to see you there. :-)

Craig Morrison
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