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[APD] Fw: ISO aquarium plants, have pond plants, fish, snails

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From: Camille Nichols <camille at natel_net>
Sent: Sep 8, 2004 12:29 AM
To: aquatic-plants-owner at actwin_com
Subject: ISO aquarium plants, have pond plants, fish, snails

I am looking to swap pond plants for aquarium plants
I have:
Parrots feather
Floaters (some tiny 3 leafed, a tiny bit of duckweed)
Water lettuce
Water Hyacinth

FISH etc:
Mosquitofish (livebearers, eat mosquito larvae, related to guppies but
hardier, have kept mosquito larvae at bay in my pond)
Mystery snails (egg layers)- brown to snowy brown/whitish coloration

I am looking for:
More duckweed (most sizes)
ANY good aquarium plants

Please email me if you can help with AQUATIC PLANT LIST in subject or with
current subject header (so spam filter doesn't snag it)- at
camille at natel_net


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