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[APD] Re: QTL lighting

"From: "Gregg" 
Subject: RE: [plant_list] [APD] halogen lighting for aquarium
To: "'aquatic plants digest'" 

The problem is that halogen bulbs produce a very poor plant spectrum, and
also cast a very yellow light. 

GE color precise bulbs produce a very nice color and grow 200 species of aquatics that I tried them on very well indeed.

So if it was so poor, why did I have success?

For small tanks, these halogen work well, Tropica sells them for their cube tanks etc.

But yes, they are about 5x less efficient than NO FL's.But some folks don't care and they are a poor man's MH in many respects.

I liked them, they have their place, but they can be a problem if you do not look for whiter bulbs, (very yellow), but the plants are fine with warm color temps(most grow lights are yellow, eg HPS), your eyes might not be.


Tom Barr










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