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[APD] Calling Byron J. Yu re: Chucks calc.

Hello Byron,

FWIW, I too use Chucks calculator to help me along with dosing, I am not a chemist and terrible with numbers so as you already know the calculator is a great help!
I was also using the 'tablespoon' method to measure dry powders as you are and I do believe that this method is just not feasible. I can guarantee you that your calculations are off and probably have less kno3 (or whatever nutrient) by using the tablespoons. After 'borrowing' an electronic scale from work I measured it all out down to the last .1 of a gram and it was MUCH more than I was dosing with teaspoons!
If you cannot get your hands on a scale then I recommend carrying on the way you are but perhaps add a touch more than usual or add another dose to your weekly routine. HTH.

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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