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[APD] red plants :Steve P

Hi Steve

I have what I 'think' is Giant Red Bacopa. While the top parts of the leaves are a cool Kawasaki Green colour the undersides get some nice shades of red, not very dark mind you. This plant makes a nice inbetween for other red plants in the tank. For example, if you had a Barclaya Longifolia on one side of the tank and a large Bronze Crypt Wendtii on the other side (like I do:) then a stand of Red Bacopa in the middle makes for a nice transition effect between the 2 more Redder plants (hope that makes sense!). FWIW, Giant Bacopa is a fast grower if conditions are to its liking, I highly recommend it, I love Bacopa, one of my favourites! This plant likes co2 alot, also very useful for practicing 'plant paths'.

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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