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[APD] halogen lighting for aquarium

As general diffuse lighting for an aquarium, a fluorescent lamp would be
more efficient. If you need to focus a relatively small wattage onto a
small area, then wouldn't a small halogen with a built-in parabolic
reflector be better? You can actually focus and direct the light with
these and getting the right amount of light onto a small area, such as a
patch of foreground Glossostigma seems like an idea.

I've also used external halogen lamps for photographing aquariums. I
mounted them temporarily to the front and side so that there were no
reflections and so that "invisible" scratches in the glass don't show
up. There's no reason a display tank cannot also use lights mounted in
unusual positions. Lighting serves two purposes: a) for the plants to
grow b) for seeing or photographing the plants.

I find it hard to believe that nobody else has tried this!


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