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RE: [APD] Lighting a nano with a 5300K halogen

True enough. But you don't need the more expensive
halogens. Ordinary incandescents due the heating job
equally as well or better and only cost a few cents each,
give or take. This is basically what a glass tube aquarium
heater is but made to be less breakable and the filament is
such that, at normal current levels, the filament doesn't
get so hot and isn't as brittle.

--- Jim Seidman <james at mail1_seidman.net> wrote:
> No, it's *under* the aquarium. Strategically placed
> halogen lights under the
> aquarium can heat the substrate and create convection
> currents that help
> carry nutrients to the plants.
> Just consider, halogen bulbs are roughly as efficient
> heaters as substrate
> cables, and can be obtained much more cheaply. If you
> hook up the bulbs to
> an in-tank thermostat, you can also use them to precisely
> control tank
> temperature.

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