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[APD] Re: Best glass for replacement lid

I wrote:
>> I have a 6-foot long 125-gallon All-Glass aquarium purchased back in '91.

Craig Morrison writes:
>How about looking in the horses mouth here?
>All-Glass Versa Tops?

Alas, Craig, that was really my point. All-Glass doesn't sell a Versa Top
for their old 125-gallon tanks. They've moved to a design with a center
brace, and adjusted their lid design to match. A couple of years ago they
stopped selling replacement tops for the tanks without braces.

It sounds from what I've heard that plate glass is both the cheapest and
probably best solution. I assume from the discussion that that's what my
current lid is made out of. I've managed to go 13 years without breaking it,
so if I buy new materials of comparable thickness it sounds as if I should
be fine. Thanks to all for the help.

- Jim Seidman

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