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Re: [APD] Is the W/G figure valid for a 10 gallon tank?

Rex Grigg wrote:

IMHO the WPG rule breaks down on 10 gallon tanks. I really suggest an AH Supply 36 watt kit in an enclosure to be the best method to light a 10 gallon. I have yet to upgrade my tank to this but know a couple of people who have and are very happy. Some day I will make the switch on my 10 gallon tank along with a custom glass cover to lose the huge light blocking hinge in the middle.

I'll go ahead and shoot myself in the foot now with both barrels for what I am about to say, but this does NOT have to be a complex operation.

Find an old incandescent hood, one that uses screw in 10 watt bulbs. Go to your local hardware store and look for 19 watt Sylvania screw in compact fluorescent lamps. You'll have to bend the reflector a bit, but it does work, I have 2 tanks running here for over a year on this exact setup.

Craig Morrison
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