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Re: [APD] Lighting a nano with a 5300K halogen

I wonder if these are the same bulbs the europeans and asians have
been using for most of their halide lit tanks? I'm definitely taking a
close look at them for the new emersed setup (needs a little heating
anyway, saves on a component)

I don't know specifically what bulbs the asians/europeans have been using, but I doubt they are these. HALOGEN lights ARE NOT METAL HALIDE (MH) lights. Much emphasis there with all those caps...

Halide lights are part of the HID family which includes mercury vapor, sodium vapor, and a few others (and technically even carbon arc lights). HID = High Intensity Discharge, which uses an *electric arc* not a *filament* for light emission. This is a very significant difference, and there is a lot of confusion about it -- I have even seen MH and halogen used interchangeably or even incorrectly in some aquarium books.

What I really wonder about is what wattage is needed to grow with such
a setup, halogens are more efficient than incandescant, but nowhere
near as efficient as NO flourescent.

And MH lights are quite a bit more efficient than NO fluorescent. I wrote a post a month or two ago that details several major aquarium lights and explains the differences, it's in the archives if you want some more info.

Halogens are very inefficient compared to any fluorescent or HID light, which is why they are rarely used for agricultural purposes (which is really what an aquarium is :-). For your emersed setup, you'd be much better off using a small MH light than any halogen, unless you want to use a small halogen as an accent light with the bulk of the "real" lighting coming from some other (more efficient) source like a fluorescent.

Sorry if this sounded a bit like a rant, but I think it is important to keep the terminology straight so that everyone knows what being discussed, especially since MH and halogen seem to be so frequently misunderstood.


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