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Re: [APD] Is Chuck's Calulator accurate?

i'm using the kno3 mix from hydroponics:

What i actually do is add 62.5 ml of kno3 to 500 ml of water and i
dose 5 ml of that solution 2 times a week. THerefore i figure i add
62.5/100=.625 ml of kno3 every dose, and since 5ml = 1 tablespoon,  i
end up adding .625/5=.125 tablespoon every dose.

Even if i just plug into the calculator 62.5ml/5=12.5 tablespoons of
kno3 to 500ml of water, i get 3.4ppm/ml of kno3 to a 20 gallon tank
which equals out to 17ppm per dose. This can't be right... can it?

Btw, don't mean to knock ur calculator chuck, I'm sure there's some
explanation. I really appreciate guys like u who make these tools to
help lost souls like me.

On Wed, 08 Sep 2004 13:32:06 -0600, Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com> wrote:
> Byron J. Yu wrote:
> >Anyways, i wanted to see how much nitrate i actually end up putting in
> >there so i used chuck's fertilizer calulator: So everytime i dose, i
> >dose (1.25ml/2 = .125 tablespoons) in a 20 gallon tank, and i just put
> >1ml as the size of the solution to mix in so i get the exact amount on
> >nitrates i end up putting in, in the nitrates/ml result window.
> >Accourding to the calculator i end up putting 17 ppm of nitrate twice
> >a week! Is that right? I usually test the nitrate in my water 1 hour
> >after i dose it but still end up getting 5-10 ppm of nitrate in my
> >tests.
> >
> >
> What form of KNO3 are you dosing?  KNO3 is a dry powder.  If yours in
> solution, than it's not pure KNO3......
> How did you translate 1.25ml twice a week into .125 tablespoons?
> But if you do add .125 tablespoons of KNO3 into a 20g tank, you are
> adding 17 ppm Nitrate.
> >So either the calculators wrong, my test kit is wrong (i have
> >overdosed b4 and have read higher nitrate readings so i know i'm
> >reading it right), i'm testing the water too soon after dosing, or my
> >plants are absorbing nitrate at an astounding amount.
> >
> >
> Or you aren't adding as much KNO3 as you think.
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