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[APD] Re: Re: Vaccuming the gravel for planted tanks

Thanks for all the advice guys. I think my ammonia
test kits may be the problem for my high ammonia test
results. They are Aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits
and are a year old. But I did find a website where
they say that this kit is suppose to last 3 years on
the shelf.


Not sure how long they last after they have been
opened and used. 

I also tested my tap water before and after adding
Amquel+ and there's little to no ammnonia. I live in
the Boston, MA area. So I guess their water is ok.
Anybody else have any experiences with Boston water?
The other thing how does Amquel+ compare with Amquel?
I search this forum on Amquel+ and all I've been
hearing are bad things about it. Is it really that


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