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[APD] Is Chuck's Calulator accurate?

Hello all,

I have a 20 gallon tank and dose 1.25 ml of kno3 each week (in 2
doses). According to my test kit, my nitrate is around 5-10 ppm. My
test kit is "Aquarium Pharmaceuticals".

Anyways, i wanted to see how much nitrate i actually end up putting in
there so i used chuck's fertilizer calulator: So everytime i dose, i
dose (1.25ml/2 = .125 tablespoons) in a 20 gallon tank, and i just put
1ml as the size of the solution to mix in so i get the exact amount on
nitrates i end up putting in, in the nitrates/ml result window.
Accourding to the calculator i end up putting 17 ppm of nitrate twice
a week! Is that right? I usually test the nitrate in my water 1 hour
after i dose it but still end up getting 5-10 ppm of nitrate in my

So either the calculators wrong, my test kit is wrong (i have
overdosed b4 and have read higher nitrate readings so i know i'm
reading it right), i'm testing the water too soon after dosing, or my
plants are absorbing nitrate at an astounding amount.


In case ur not familiar with this calculator, you can find it here:

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