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Re: [APD] Re:myths/light

Wasn't trying to dim your interest. Was only tongue in
cheek. I don't really say "doth", although I have many
occasions to say, "Doh!"

But anyway, I think the long and short of it -- or the deep
and shallow of it -- is that plants can get as much light
at the bottom as at the top in the right circumstances, but
if your stems behave as if they they're getting more light,
it's probably because they're getting more light, whether
nearer the bulb or not, but probably nearer the bulb. And
if you want more light at the bottom and on certain plants,
either remove your other plants (they cause shade) or add
more light up top so that more gets through to the bottom.

Which brings us back to the start of thread that began
several years ago ;-)

Scott H.

--- gbooth at frii_com wrote:
> . . . I was trying to correct some of the responses to 
> Wright's
> . . .
> So, considering scattering and reflective losses, I guess
> trying to light
> a tank is pretty much hopeless.  I stand corrected.  I
> shall refrain from
> attempting to shed further light on the subject.

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