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[APD] Re: PETP, I surrender myself to you!

Hi Diane--

Thanks for your reply. I'm puzzled, too. As far as
plant disease goes, I guess it's possible. The fish
are doing great in there-- my B. sidthimunki had been
ailing a lot in another tank over the last couple of
months, but he's made a 360 and is everywhere in the

I don't have CO2, though-- I dose with Excel, and I
got pretty lazy over the last couple of weeks. I'm
totally guessing, here, but I think that I got
carbon-limited enough and possibly even N-limited
enough that it just eroded. I dunno. Now that I've
yanked off all but a few of the least-horrible leaves
(rhizome, roots have stayed healthy), I see teeny new
ones coming up that are green, so I'm crossing my
fingers. It's about time to dose ferts again, and I'm
going to run a full water test to figure out where I
am where N and Fe are concerned. 

Anybody know what macro would cause total decay over
the course of a few weeks in a system such as this?

Erin in Greensboro

Diane wrote:
> I have three of those cubes, original lights, and
> compressed CO2, and 
> have had to work pretty hard to kill any plant
> unless algae totally 
> overtook it, or another more aggressive plant shaded
> it utterly.  And 
> things grow aggressively enough that I've had both
> of those problems 
> while we were on our shakedown cruise together.

> So I'm puzzled as to what you could have going on in
> there that would 
> kill an anubias....plant disease?  Are there any
> fish in there, and if 
> so, are they doing ok?
> Diane Brown in St. Louis
> http://www.well.com/user/debunix/fish/fishIndex.html

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