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[APD] Re: myths

ok, this is what i'm understanding so far....

1. light intensity does drop off over greater distance.
2. while higher light doesn't necessarily lead to redder plants, it's
leads to higher growth rates which can causes redder plants by
outpacing the rate of chlorophyll production.

#2 makes sense to me since i see higher concentrations of leaves on my
plants (indicating faster growth) in addition to redder leaves as the
plant reaches the surface... (note, my situation is simliar to scott's
where shading is not a problem... when the stems are freshly cut and
short, nothing is shading them.)

so given my tank:
-21 gallon
-130 watts power compact lighting (7 months old)
-co2: 20-30 ppm via pressurized co2
-ph: 6.6, nitrate: around 5ppm,
-temp: 26 degrees celcius
-fertilzer per week (in 2 doses): 1.25 ml kno3, 0.1ml kh2po4, 1ml
k2so4, 40ml of tmg

what can i do to make my Eusteralis stellata red?ã(ït's yellowish
green now.) less kno3? more po4? more iron? I remember being told
limiting nitrates can cause redness, but is it healthy to have such a 
routine where you are limiting nutrients on a permanant basis? or is
there another way?



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