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Re: [APD] Re: myths -- or - Mythis mirrors and glass black boxes

Hmmm, possibly the backside of a mirror ;-)  To say the
least the room the aquarium is in would not be any more
illuminated with the aquarium lights on than with them off,
the glass would be light-leak-proof. But one that's looked
knows that's not the case -- an aquarium brightens any room
but an electrically illuminated aquarium brightens a room
even more  ;-)  .

Scott H.

--- Tim Walker <twalker at swiftdsl_com.au> wrote:

> >
> > Even if light is reflected off of the aquarium glass
> > panels, refelction is not a 100% return on investment.
> Yes, otherwise you'd never see anything in the tank! It
> would look like 
> a mirror.

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