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[APD] Re:myths/light

The plant at higher light also has higher growth rates(assuming the plant has enough nutrients/CO2).
As a plant grows faster, the chlorophyll, the green pigment, is slower to be incorporated into the tips of plants. 
This is a well known fact in plant tissue anaylsis, the tips have lower "Chl a" concentrations, thus less green pigment to mask the reds/yellows etc. 

Also, the red color is general from anthocyanin, this is thought to be mainly an anti herbivory agent. The tasty tips of plants are the most savored parts of the plant, therefore perhaps needing more "protection". The UV thing and to protect from higher light issue I've never really bought for protection at high light.
There are few red desert plants for example and most of the red plants are deep forest plants in darker regions.  

When talking about light, I use 2w/gal vs 4 to 5.5 w/gal as comparisons for high vs medium light.  The tank is the same tank, 1/2 is lighted with one type and the other is lighted by the other light type.
The nutrients are the same and to excess in each tank in this set up. So light is the only real difference.

Self shading is an issue as well.

Tom Barr 

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