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[APD] Re: myths

"Byron J. Yu" <sixty9 at gmail_com> wrote:

>> Many folks add a lot of light on their tanks, believing the myth
>> that more light is better and will give you redder coloration and
>> the ability to grow Riccia and Gloss etc well, this is simply put:
>> a myth.
> Assuming lights don't have an effect on the coloration of a plant as
> stated by Tom, and assuming the light intensity doesn't change over
> the depth of an aquarium, as i've read previously in the forum, y do
> some of my stem plants (Ludwigia inclinata var. verticillata
> (''Cuba''), Ludwigia arcuata ) turn red as they get taller (closer to
>  the surface of the water)?
> Confused,
> Byron

Hoping to unconfuse you, Byron, the lack of much light loss due to water
depth (i.e., actual water absorption) says nothing about shading. Upper
leaves always tend to cause various amounts of shade on lower leaves, so they do get the largest share of the light.


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