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[APD] Re: Setting up the Co2 for my tank

Thanks Scott & Rachel for your input.

I have had in mind to either go to a canister filter
and use that as the reactor or get an external reactor
and use my powerhead.

My concern about getting a canister filter is twofold:
 the noise the filter itself may make, and the noise
it may make when Co2 is injected, as Rachel pointed
out.  I've heard people complain from time to time
about both and I myself have had silent filters and
ones that make a little noise.  In my circumstances,
anything but totally silent would not work well for

Input from people who have totally silent filters
would be most welcome and from anyone using DIY Co2
with the canister filter where it is also totally

With regards to setting up a powerhead to run an
external reactor and the one I saw listed on ebay, I'm
not quite sure that you can use these storebought
reactors with DIY Co2?  Someone told me that the DIY
does not have the pressure required to pass through
the media.  I'm very handy and could easily follow the
plans to make one, but when there's one for sale ready
made for about the same as what it would cost to make
one ($20 + $10 shipping), I'd rather just buy it.  

I guess I'm also a little concerned about running the
water out of the tank from the Hagen 301 powerhead and
back into the tank again for fear of 65 gallons of
water draining out of the tank accidentally.  Could
this happen?

I looked at the Filstar and Via Aqua descriptions,
Scott, and they both looked very good and certainly
very well priced, especially the Via Aqua!  I also
have seen Eheim 2224 models at some very good prices
which I could afford.  They are only rated up to 66
gallon tanks, though, and mine is 65.  I've always
overbought when it comes to filtration so have held


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