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Re: [APD] Coralife CF questions and when do CF's die

Bulbs burn brighter when they are hotter, up to a point.
The maker designs the bulb for an anticipated operating
environment. Hotter bulbs also have shorter lives.

Is running a bulb in the fuxture gong to make it hot enough
to be significantly brighter or to fail substantially
sooner than otherwise?

I imagine the diff will be slight. Running one bulb with
the fan on means that bulb will probably run a bit cooler
than otherwise and to therefore be a little bit dimmer and
last a little longer, which will probably offset the diffs
with the other bulb.

I imagine the fan the Coralife fixtures has only a small
effect on cooling (it's a very small fan) and is there more
for the situation where two bulbs are burning than one.

Scott H.
--- Randy Pullen <RPullen at waterpik_com> wrote:

> I have a Coralife two bulb CF fixture. I have each bulb
> on it's own
> timer and run one for 5 hrs then the other for 5 hrs. One
> bulb/ cord
> makes the fan come on and the other bulb/ cord does not.
> Is there any
> harm in running the one bulb for 5 hrs alone with out the
> fan running?

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