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Re: [APD] Coralife CF questions and when do CF's die

I have a Coralife two bulb CF fixture. I have each bulb on it's own
timer and run one for 5 hrs then the other for 5 hrs. One bulb/ cord
makes the fan come on and the other bulb/ cord does not. Is there any
harm in running the one bulb for 5 hrs alone with out the fan running?

>>> shieber at yahoo_com 9/3/2004 5:11:25 AM >>>

It is not uncommon for electronic ballasts designed for
compact fluorescents to have current limiters. Better ones
also have a circuit breaker to prevent too much current be
drawn in the ballast. 

During the one to three year life of a 36W, 55w/65w, 96w
compact fluorescent (when operated "on" for 10-12 hours per
day), you shouldn't expect drastic changes in the
electrical consumption of the bulb. I have done so and not
detected an increase in ballast or bulb operating
temperature, which would surely occur if 3-5 times the
current was being drawn into the ballast.

I am not sure what Fulham's FAQ is referring but I suspects
that it applies more to office buildings where a bulb will
be left in use for many years, so long as it lights and
regardless of how darkened it has become and how reduced
its light output has become. I also suspect that it refers
to a condition that exists only momentarily at or near the
time of bulb failure -- or else the internal circuit break
would have time to trip and prevent damage to internal

It's worth noting that, if the power consumption increased
to 3 to 5 times normal on a steady basis, then the bulb
life is going to be rapidly shortened due to rapidly
increased filament deterioration. 

I think that after 2 to 3 years, you will probably want to
change out your bulbs -- you will have gotten your money's
worth out of them by then anyway ;-) and are not liekly to
see the condition Fulham mentions.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see the source
information for the Fulham comment and to learn what
special conditions might have to exist for the 300%-500%
increased power consumption behavior to be exhibited.

Scott H.

--- Norman Hicks <zapus at alltel_net> wrote:

> One of the things I have read about older CF's is that
> they may begin to 
> operate over their rated wattage. From the Fulham ballast
> FAQ 
> http://www.fulham.com/faq.html

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