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[APD] Re: Setting up the Co2 for my tank - thoughts appreciated.


I have a 65 gallon tank that I am currently injecting
with DIY Co2, using 2 soda bottles.  I'm also using an
overflow bottle and checkvalve as precautions.  The
Co2 line runs into the intake of my Hagen 301
powerhead, and then the water and bubbles shoot
directly into the tank.  The flow is pretty high so
the bubbles end up covering the entire tank.  For
filtration, I use an Aquaclear 500.  Not the best
setup, I know, but I do get some Co2 in there and so
far, so good.

However, I'd like to take the next step at improving
this setup.  Would that be getting a canister filter
and feeding the Co2 into it?  Or going the reactor
route?  I saw the following external reactor on ebay
and would like to know what you think of the design
and whether this could be used with DIY Co2, or if I
would be hastening an explosion:


Some things that are important to me in regards to
what I do next are:
1)  This is very close to my bed.  Rattles, bubbling
noises, whooshes, sounds of any sort, including water
sounds, would be disturbing to me.
2)  The less added in the tank by way of equipment,
the better.  I have lots of air space so it is hard to
really hide stuff.  If I had unlimited funds, I'd get
a canister with heater included and pressurized Co2 so
there'd be almost nothing in my tank, which brings us
3)  Cost.  

Besides the reactor on Ebay (approx. $30 with
shipping), there's also an Eheim 2026 clone being sold
(approx. $50.00) that takes all the Eheim media. 
Anyone have any experience with either of these?

I'm not a newbie (although I may sound like it!!!) but
have suffered for years from lack of proper equipment.
 My plants have always done ok, but I've been very
limited but I'm now in a position to start building my
dream tank, slowly but surely.  I've already gone to
100% Flourite base and added CF's with good wattage. 
I can do a little more now and then a little more at

I know some of you make and/or sell some of these
things.  I'm really open to anyone's ideas and
suggestions that keep in mind the three things that
matter most above.  This list has been incredibly
helpful and iformative and I enjoy reading the
archives as well.  Thanks to all of you for be so
giving of your time and knowledge to all of us!  


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