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[APD] Re: AquaCoralife CF questions and when do CF's die

At 12:05 PM 9/2/2004 -0400, Donald wrote:

My LFS carries the Coralife CF's and I was interested in buying the
4x65W model this weekend.  Any good, bad, or ugly information about
these?  I am putting them on an Oceanic 120 (4x2x2).


Coralife makes both the Aqualight series and the Freshwater Aqualight series. It is the Freshwater Aqualight series that features the 6700 K bulbs that you want for a plant tank. Most of the stock in stores is the regular series, with much bluer bulbs designed for reef use. The box will be very clear on this-the Green box is the freshwater version, the Orange box is the reef version.

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