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RE: [APD] Stunted Limnopholia Aquatica

FWIW, I always test a new test kit with a known solution of NO3 and PO4

It's a simple matter to create a test solution and compare it with that
of the test kit.

I've found some wildly varying results with AP test kits, and I simply
keep returning them until I find one that is accurate.

The most reliable in my opinion are the Cheap Tetra NO3 PO4 kits which
are always within 5 ppm in relation to NO3 and within about 0.5 ppm PO4.

Salifert Profi kits are pretty accurate too.

If you have lotsa bucks in your budget go for hach or colorimeter kits
from other suppliers.  They're the bee's knees and are extremely

Whether you need that level of accuracy is up to you.  My opinion is
that you can tell pretty much from growth and appearance of plants if
they are missing some macro nutrient and the test kit just confirms what
you see happening in the tank.

Attempting to measure Micro/Trace elements is a pointless exercise
unless you are prepared to spend big bucks.


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> Subject: [APD] Stunted Limnopholia Aquatica
> Hi all
> What might cause a stem of L.A. to narrow as it reaches the 
> tip, eventually stop growing and then form a new (but 
> spindly) shoot from lower down the stem?
> 200 litre tank, running 18mths in current incarnation
> 2 X 30W Triton + 2 x 55W PC (Only running 1 of the PCs ATM, 
> with both bulbs running the plants don't grow any better but 
> I have to clean the glass 2x a week which I can do without) 
> Pressurised CO2 during lights on (12 hrs) 30-40ppm Eheim 2233 
> Ecco external & large Eheim internal filters 78F Heavy-ish 
> fish load, 3 adult clown loaches, 9 assorted rainbows, 3 big 
> SAE, 2 ancistrus + fry, 4 ottos, 5 shrimp Mainly greedy stem 
> plants + rampant  glosso carpet No algae issues Very little 
> pearling ATM which bothers me a bit
> 100 % Eco-Complete sub
> KH 4
> GH 13
> Dosing the following 3x per week
> .5 tsp pot. sulphate
> 3 'rice grains'  pot. phosphate
> 12.5ml Flourish
> 5ml Kent Botanica Fe (only for the last 3 weeks & saw the 
> glosso distinctly darken within a few days so maybe a clue there?)
> 50-60% water change every week
> I have an AP nitrate kit which always reads 10ppm.  Other kits I've
> tried read anything from 0ppm to 40ppm.   Water authority report says
> typical NO3 reading is 38ppm.  I sub'd the K2SO4 for KNO3 for 
> a month & couldn't see any difference in growth in any of the 
> plants so I think the NO3 levels are probably adequate.  
> I've had similar wildy varying results from a range of PO4 
> test kits so I just dose the PO4 as per TB's guidelines & 
> don't bother to test anymore.  TBH, I don't test anything 
> except the KH & pH on a regular basis these days, I think the 
> cheap kits are a waste of money.
> . 
> I only have 1 healthy stem of the L.A left now.  I like this 
> plant & feel a bit frustrated that I can't figure it out.  
> Any suggestions anyone?
> Wayne
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