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Re: [APD] Nitrifying Bacteria

I think they will grow on any surface from which they are
not regularly wiped.

When you took away the biowheels, it just left more food
for the cultures elsewhere in the system.

Deep in the substrate or deep in very porous material some
anerobic bacteria can grow, even if the porous material is
in a high water flow. But other than than, the the stuff
unavoidably grows just about everywhere there persistently
is water, O2 and food.

In a well-planted tank, plants may limit the food supply,
which is fine. In the planted tank, the biofilter is not
nearly as important nor the tank as sensitive to changes in
the bioculture.

Scott H.
--- krisa at demilune_net wrote:

> In an established tank, where are nitrifying bacteria
> most efficient?  I have a Magnum 350 canister filter and
> removed the bio wheels sevral months ago (I found them
> unsightly and too cumbersome to work around) and don't
> seem to have suffered any ill effects, though I do
> religiously change about 50% of the water weekly.  Are
> the bacteria best located in the substrate where they
> aren't disturbed but where water flow is less?  What
> about ceramic or other materials in the canister, where
> they will be in constant contact with the water flow?    

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