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[APD] Re: Pimping

Tom Barr said:

"A plant pimp? I guess I could do a show on PTV, plant TV's version of =
MTV, "Pimp My Tank", and take it to West Coast Mafia's Plant lab and =
have a crack team of plant professionals deck out the some poor =
<<<<Hilarity snipped>>>>

"Tom, judging from your witty comment above I can only imagine you're =
still hooked on the banned botanicals. Someone should have told you a =
long time ago that 'too much green' will do you no good :)
Have a pimping good day...

Kind Regards
Cameron James"

Have you seen MTV's "Pimp My Ride" TV show?
It's worth a watch. Then you'll get it. 

There is no evidence that the banned botanticals do much, beside produce apathy, something I don't have much of. Sorry. I don't need drugs to be myself or act stange, that's my normal state, and that's my good qualities.
Tom Barr

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