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[APD] Amano's Trimming Method


Whenever my stem grow too long, i've always taken them out, cut and
replanted the tops, and unless i want to thicken it up, throw away the
bottoms. The advantages are that the aquarium always looks somewhat
presentable. The disadvantage is that the plants always end up being
position differently and the aquascape is changes because of that,
especially if u have to move wood and rocks around to replant the

Well, I was lucky enough to get my hands on an Aquajournal, and based
on a set of sequential pics and a rough translation, it seems Amano's
method is to just trim the tops and throw them away and let the
bottoms regrow. The benifits i see of this process is that u preserve
the positioning in the aquascape, but i'm thinking the aquarium must
look like cr at p until the plants grow back again.

Just wondering what u guys do about trimming, and what u guys think.

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