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[APD] Pimp dat tank

>What are you, some kind of pimp for the botanical world or what??? :):)
>I tell you this plant hobby is WAY out of control, much to my girlfriend's dismay :)
>Have a good weekend, happy home tissue culturing!!! :)
>Kind Regards
>Cameron James

A plant pimp? I guess I could do a show on PTV, plant TV's version of MTV, "Pimp My Tank", and take it to West Coast Mafia's Plant lab and have a crack team of plant professionals deck out the some poor unsuspecting beaten up algae ridden tank and then return it to the owner. We could attach a LCD screen to take with you so you could watch the tank remotely. It would have a kickin stereo, the stand would be painted cheesy orange and you could have orange gaudy dinner plate fish to match. The stand would have chrome rims that cost more than the tank as legs. We would put a low profile grill on the front of the stand and custom glass windows for the tank. CO2+nitrious mix injection, autowater chnger(instead of a CD changer, but it would have that too to set the mood of the fish and ambience). 
And a pair of Tix to take a class with Amano.
"Thanks PTV for pimping my tank!"

Tom Barr

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