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Re: [APD] Natural light - SkyLight

I think the biggest risk is getting too much light.
Sunlight should be good for plants but one thing you want
to keep in mind is how much light is reaching the aquarium.
It would take a heck of a lot of even the most efficient
light bulbs to yield as much light as the sun. For example,
even a very well lit room can easily be less  bright when
electrically illuminated than in the daytime if there are
lots of windows.

Scott H.
--- Phillip Grobler <pfgrobler at hotmail_com> wrote:

> Are there any disadvantages to using natural light for a
> very large planted tank.( about 3000L.)
> I'm thinking of using Solar tubes/ Skylight to provide
> the bulk of the light needed to 
> support plant growth and adding  metal Halides from 6 to
> 9pm so I can enjoy the tank. 
> I'm I right in asuming if I keep the water parameters in
> check then the sunlight itself should not cause 
> more algea problems than artificial lights ? 

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