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[APD] LED moonlights

Hi, everybody. I just wanted to share a great DIY moonlight resource I discovered over at reefcentral.com. I just completed my project and installed the LED moonlights on my 29 G planted tank, and it is AWESOME!!! I never realized how active my tank was at night, my clown plecos and pygmy corys really come out to play when the "moons" out. Anyways, I'm just going to cut-and-paste a small part of the thread where I discovered them:

"The company is: AutoLumination.com

They have 2 types of these fixtures, the 3LED and 8LED. 3LED for $4.99 and 8LED for 6.99 (all usd pricing).

Both type of units operate at 10-15.8 volts and draw 50-80ma (depends on the color of the LED, checked it myself)." - credit goes to "Gujustud" from Reef central

Anyways, I used the 3LEDs and the effect is spectacular! If you want to read the entire thread, which is about 7 pages long with pictures, go to:


Not sure if you have to be registered on reefcentral to do it or not...

Best of luck and enjoy!


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