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Re: [APD] Other Substrates

> Does anyone have an opinion (should I have to ask?) on
> Red Sea's plant substrate

As I mentioned in another thread, I set up a soil-based substrate tank two months ago using FloraBase as the cap on the soil. So far I like it a lot, but I have hard well water. The FloraBase pulled the kh of my water down to 2 for the first couple of weeks and now keeps it at 3 and the ph at 7. I've had problems with kh and ph creep (up) with every other substrate and so the ability to keep that from happening is why I tried the FB and what I like best about it so far. It is very light weight but I didn't find planting in it hard. Can't say I think it's the most beautiful substrate -- I'd prefer Onyx or Eco-Complete for looks, but both do some buffering, which is the reverse of what I want. To me it looks better than regular Flourite, but then I don't like the orangey color of Flourite.

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