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[APD] Mixing soil/OM and Flourite, EC, Florabase, Turface etc

Several folks have renewed interest in soil and other OM and many use sand with these, but using flourite or the equivalents are a great improvement over plain sand(which only adds physical space and much less cycling surface araea and pore spaces etc).

Over time, I think folk will realize the differences which are as great as with plain sand/laterite mixes vs Flourite in both non CO2 and CO2 methods.

Onyx+peat and mulm is still my favorite substrate. The only other thing that might be added: Flourish tabs/leonardite. It's the densest stuff and the finest grain and makes planting the easiest.

I do not think folks will find any growth differences between any or the porous substrates, the cost and the way they look to you is the main issue. Some are light weight, I don't care for that, some are soft, I don't care for that either. Other folks might not care or like it for other reasons, but these are insignificant as far as growth and plant health etc, most folks will be pleased with these. 
Tom Barr 
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