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[APD] RE: Other Substrates

i have flourite in one of my aquariums, and red sea's florabase in the
other.. i gotta tell u i love the florabase. I got it on sale during
boxing day, but it still totally worth the money if ur only looking at
commercial substrate.

It's so easy to plant plants in the florabase... in the flourite it's
harder to get the plants to stay down, in the florabase, i have no

Since the florabase is smaller, i think it looks nicer and if u want
to grow small foreground plants, it's easier for them to take hold and

About the florabase claims that u don't have to fertilize for  6
months... i ignore that. I still dose the water column and add seachem
tabs every 2-3 months, but i do have a high light, co2 pressured tank.

Oh, i remember reading somewhere that florabase is similar to Amano's ADA soil.

Anyways, nothing but good words from me about the florabase.

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