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[APD] RE: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 12, Issue 47

The regulator would be a fixed pressure regulator (looks a lot like a lugnut) While refills at a welding gas store or bottling company aren't possible - generally paintball shops, fields, and many sporting goods stores will refill them while you wait.

I did order a prototype for testing, should be here in about 5 weeks. I may not end up selling these myself as a retailer made an offer that's hard to not give serious consideration to.


Message: 1 Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 15:23:52 -0400 From: "Giancarlo Podio" <gp at isaconsulting_com> Subject: [APD] Re: Paintball CO2 - interest? To: <aquatic-plants at actwin_com>

I've been researching this too and would be interested. What are they
suggesting to use for the pressure regulator? I had found a fixed pressure
regulator that would work however it still uses the non-standard thread that
these paintball bottles use. My local refiller will not refill these tanks
so self refills would be a must for me. Although always a little nerve
wrecking at first, I've refilled my own gas tanks in the past for camping
purposes and it really is no big deal, just do it outdoors. Let me know if
you go ahead with it.

Giancarlo Podio

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