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Re: [APD] Re: Can one just give up? - Similar story

This sounds to me CO2 poisoning (is this the right discription?), some fish
are more senstive to CO2 than others. I usually spend at least 2 hours to
slowly adjust the fish to my tank's 30 ppm CO2 level, I use an pH probe to
monitor the process. Since I found that some torlerate CO2 very well while
some (or even some individual) don't torlerate at all.


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> Last week, I had basically the same thing happen to me. Here's my story, I
> bought 6 Rummynose from a lfs about 20 minutes away. I brought them back
> work and floated the bag in the tank for about 20 minutes. Then, I opened
> the bag and added about 4 oz. of water from the tank to the bag, and
> about another 10 minutes. I then poured the fish into a net and added them
> to the tank. The fish immediately looked like I had dumped them straight
> into gasoline, or some other some poisonous concoction. They fell directly
> to the bottom and just lay there. 2 of them were dead inside of an hour,
> another one died overnight.
> This tank is the 20 gallon long pictured over on Aq. Plants Central. It's
> current inhabitants are 12 Pristella Tetras (purchased 2 weeks earlier
> without incident) and 5 Amano Shrimp. The Pristellas were frisking around
> the tank within seconds after being stocked and still look terrific.
> However, they were purchased from a different lfs.
> Obviously, there's some kind of "shock" at work here. I've been keeping
> for 20 years, and I've never seen anything like it before. PH shock? I've
> just about been convinced that it is a myth. There's no doubt though that
> the ph of my CO2 injected tank has to be much, much different than that of
> the fish store. Osmotic Shock? I don't know enough about the subject to
> comment on it.
> I seriously doubt though that John's fish died because of too long of an
> acclimation time. That's definitely not what happened in my case.
> > You could try the Amano Method for acclimation: put the fish into a
> > and using airline tubing with a valve attached slowly add water from the
> > tank to the bucket. Time the drip to last about 1hr and at the end of
> > hr introduce the fish to the tank. amano demonstrated this at a seminar
> > gave at a petshop some 15 odd yrs ago and I've been using it ever since.
> > Never lost a fish due to adding to a tank in years.
> That sounds promising. I'll give that a try. Of course, I hate losing the
> Rummynose's, but that same store also had some Puntius Denisoni that I
> some serious thought about buying. BTW, that's the first time I've seen
> fish in person and it's absolutely stunning, but it's also $$$$$$$$.
> Pat Bowerman
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