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[APD] CO2 for multiple aquaria

At 09:01 8/23/2004, Andy Lavery wrote:
One could take an existing CO2 tank and use it to refill the smaller
bottles...That is one way that could make multiple CO2 systems a bit cheaper, needing
only one larger tank

It is very easy to drive several aquaria off one CO2 cylinder (I avoid the word "tank" because of ambiguity).

You simply need to daisy-chain multiple needle valves off a single regulator. The airhose to connect the needle valves to each individual tank is cheap. Even better, put the pressure dropping needle valve near the regulator to drop the pressure to 2-4 psi and then use additional needle valves as trimmers at each aquarium. It costs one extra needle valve, but the simplicity and ease of operation is worth it in my opinion. If you want to talk to someone who has done lots of these, write me and I will ask my customers' permission if you may write them. I have several customers who have done five or more. Sometimes many more.

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