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Re: [APD] Can one just give up? - safe plastics

Does that come back to the PE / PP issue, with (I believe) Polyethylene being approved for containers used for human consumption and Polypropylene being not. You should only use PE buckets for any longer than short term storage of water from your aquarium.

(I usually turn a bucket upside down and check for PE or PET being written on the bottom.)

I'm not aware of any health issues with polypropylene containers. I usually see polyethylene used, but that's most likely due to PE being a cheaper material. Most plastic resins are stable and don't pose any health problems, but the additives used for things like flexibility (plasticizers) and UV stabilization sometimes do.

The red issue I think is due to the pigment used since (from my plastics catalogs) the red version of many containers will be specifically mentioned as NOT being FDA approved while the other colors all are for a given item. That's pretty common, and since all the colors are molded from the same resin and only different pigments are used, I think the pigment is the problem. I've seen FDA approved red containers, but if you can't be sure it's easier to just err on the side of caution and not use the red containers for livestock.


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