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RE: [APD] Can one just give up?

I've made it clear that it is instant death if *anyone* uses the fish
buckets for anything else :-)

I take it one step further and use color-coded buckets. I have found that local hardware stores seem to have both white and black buckets, so I *always* use *only* white buckets for fish uses (mainly since it's a lot easier to see if a fish just had a siphon-ride in a white bucket than a black one), and I *always* use *only* the black buckets for everything else. It's a really easy system with very little chance of accidental misuse of a bucket, and it doesn't cost anything to implement when you first buy buckets.

BTW, I have noticed that many of the RED buckets aren't FDA approved while the other common colors are, which leads me to believe that there is something about the red pigment used in the plastic that may be toxic. Probably would be best to not use red plastic products for fish stuff unless they are specifically rated for food/agricultural use (which is basically what the "FDA Approved" means).


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