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Re: [APD] Paintball CO2 - interest?

There are risks involved with any compressed gas, refilling would be a little less safe than just having the tank sitting hooked up to your co2 reactor... But assuming you don't do anything stupid, follow instructions and don't leave the fill system unattended - it should be a safe setup. Otherwise every paintball shop, field and places like target, canadian tire etc wouldn't have refill systems on their premises. And the manufacturers who make the fill kits would long be out of buisness - due to lawsuits...

As far as I understand, the paintball tanks have to comply with the same standards as the larger tanks. Possibly a little more stringent considering their use - industrial users don't exactly go beating their tanks against rocks, trees, tossing them in the mud etc. And they generally aren't kept up against the human body during use. In some ways the smaller tanks might actually be safer, if they were to vent for whatever reason - the quantities involved are so much smaller. A 20lb CO2 tank venting into a room could be a very major health concern - but a 24oz co2 bottle - not so much of a concern.


-- "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:
It's sounding more interesting. Financially, filling from
big tanks improves things. However, I would be hesitant to
get involved with filling compressed gas tanks. There are
certain risks involved, especially without the appropriate
equipment and safegaurds.

Do the paintball cartridges get filled to, and are rated
for the same pressures as 5 pound CO2 tanks?

Scott H.

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