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Re: [APD] RE: Give Up

I was told, and I can't remember the source, that the water in the bag stays at a pretty stable pH as long as the bag isn't open, but once the bag is opened the air can mix with the water & cause pH crash. Or maybe I was told that the ammonia in the bag would mostly stay harmless until the bag was opened. I can't remember which. But since then I have always floated the bags, unopened, for about 15 minutes and then transferred the fish. It is an hour from the fish store to my house, and I have not lost fish from transfer.

I also wanted to tell about 2 tanks in my house. One has CO2 injection and lots of water-parameter fiddling. It ends up at about pH 6.6, KH=GH=5. The other has pH 7.6, KH=GH=1, which is standard tap water (and pretty much standard LFS water params). I frequently move fish between these two tanks with no acclimating time at all - just grab the fish in my hand (or net) and run between the tanks. The two tanks are more or less the same temperature. I have moved eggs, fry, and adult fish this way, with no problems.

Just another data point.

(carefully deleting the original message)
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