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[APD] Re: Can one just give up?

>when they tested the water they thought the
>water was fine.. 
CO2 will dissipate quickly, if you have disconnected the CO2 bottle chances are your PH has gone back to normal.There is also the possibility that the water you brought to the fish store may have aoutgassed most of it's CO2.>This makes sense to me in
>hindsight of having so many problems with fish kills after water
>changes..... I would probably look at your water conditioner first. Which one do you use? My tap water contains heavy metals and I found out the hard way that ifI don't use a complte water conditioner that also removes heavy metals I have problems. I've been using AquaSafe for years with great success.I'm scheptical about the carbon deal, but it's not going to hurt to try.Giancarlo Podio
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